Construction Lien On Foreclosed Home

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Often it is enough to send a letter demanding payment for your work. Another option for the lender is to continue disbursing funds to the borrower. The action must be filed within six years of the date of the filing of the lien.

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Only then will the lender disburse.

Not only can home contractors file and record mechanics liens against their customer homeowners but so can subcontractors and other associated workers.

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How does recording a Washington mechanics lien claim help me get paid? If no payment date is specified by agreement, there is authority that the notice deadline should be measured from the date payment was requested and refused.


What Happens if You File a Claim of Lien and the Property Forecloses? The bond in either an unregistered contractors and thus be the construction lien on the first visible commencement of filing and equipment, be regarded as security. The lien will be invalid and cannot be enforced if it is consult an attorney.

Then if the sale of the property does not bring in as much as the lender is owed, the borrower may be required to make up the difference.

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