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  • Freelancer; does not give any instructions to any Freelancer about the Freelancer Services; and does not have any involvement with the work performed by any Freelancer.
  • You can only set the next invoice number to numbers greater than any numbers used on an invoice.
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  • If Upwork inadvertently charges fees due to an administrative oversight, Upwork will promptly refund any such fees upon request or upon discovery of the oversight.
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Client understands and agrees that Upwork is not a party to the Service Contract, does not determine or control any term or condition of the Service Contract or Engagement, and has no control over any Freelancer or any Freelancer Services.

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  • The Jumpstarter Terms are in addition to and do not supersede, replace, or limit other similar terms in the Terms of Service.
  • This Agreement hereby incorporates by reference the Terms of Service.

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